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Project Description

Acequia walk

At our land we have a spring for drinking water. As a bonus the land also has rights to an acequia, a water channel with a connection to the ´Rio Lanjarón´.This water is used for irrigation.

The word acequia is Arabic from origin and these water channel are most likely the remains of the Islamic Moorish Invasion starting in the eighth century. ´Our´acequia is called Las Encinillas, is about 6km long, and the end is a short walk away from our land. One of the reasons so much effort was put into building this channel was to get water to the warmer South side of the hill.

With this big bonus of having extra water all year long comes a duty as well. Together with the other connected neighbors we maintain this channel and we take turns in opening the gate.

During the walk along channel, all the way to the start, we will tell you the whole story.