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Are you interested in a life of freedom, without an alarm clock and bills flooding your mailbox? Maybe you want to get rid of your mailbox altogether and live surrounded by nature in a place with fresh air, free clean water from the ground, a warm climate and lots of space and quiet.

We can help you find it or create it.

What it takes..

Water system In this module, we show how our water supply is arranged, and talk about water supplies in general. Power supply Since the introduction of the solar panel for the consumer market off grid living has become a lot easier and more enjoyable. Food Creating your own food supply all starts with the soil. A well balanced soil will give you healthy food. Natural Building During this module we will show how we used natural stone, clay, straw, lime and hemp on different projects on our finca. If you want to see more examples... Composting Loo Living off-grid means getting your shit in order. Literally! Starting a food forest A food forest is not growing food in a forest but instead making a garden like a forest. It imitates the natural ecology and pattern of healthy ecosystems where... Permaculture In this crash course you will learn the basic principles of permaculture and see how we applied them on the land. 10 of our Biggest Mistakes and Lessons If we were do it all again, what would we do differently? Before moving here we both lived quite a luxurious city life. Basic needs like a hot shower,... Advice for Buying Land We bought our land quite impulsively. Did we regret it? Yes, sometimes we did, specially in the first year. There were moments when we said to each other: ´What... Edible wild plants During a walk on our and the neighbouring terrains you will learn about the abundance of edible wild plants in the Alpujarras.

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